Carpets and COVID 19 Pandemic

Carpets & COVID 19 Pandemic

Carpets & COVID 19 Pandemic

Carpets have been used in decorations for quite a long time. But have you ever thought, are there any uses of carpets other than decoration purposes? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of carpets apart from decoration purposes. We will also discuss some important points about the carpets related to COVID 19 that help you prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

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Novel Coronavirus is a very serious disease. It started from the Wuhan city of China and spread to almost all the countries of the world. For now, there is no vaccine to cure this disease. Hence, we have to stop its spread, as prevention is better than cure. Today, when the novel coronavirus has become a pandemic, carpets can be used as a great tool in the process of sanitization.

Let’s begin our discussion but before discussing the uses of carpets, let’s discuss some important points regarding carpets and coronavirus pandemic.

Carpet Sanitization: Is it Necessary?

Carpets are designed to lock dirt and pathogens in them. Saturating the carpet pads will release the pathogens again in the environment which makes them more lethal. Therefore, it is mandatory to sanitize carpets. Carpet sanitizing not only kills all the harmful pathogens but also helps prevent the spread of lethal coronavirus disease. You should clean your carpet at regular intervals even after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Tips for Cleaning the Carpets

Previously we have read how much necessary it is to disinfect the carpets. Now we will discuss tips to clean the carpets.

  • Wear disposable gloves while cleaning the carpets. This is necessary as these gloves act as a barrier and stop the spread of harmful coronavirus infection and other diseases. Dispose of the gloves properly after their use.
  • Use the EPA approved products whole doing these tasks. These products are effective against the spread of coronavirus infection.
  • Wash your hands after disinfecting the carpets. Though you have worn the gloves while disinfecting the carpets yet washing the hands after cleaning is not a bad idea.

Benefits of Carpets Other Than Decoration

  • Drink Coasters: You can turn your old carpet into new attractive coasters. Carpets have a great water-absorbing capacity, hence, you need not worry about the drops of water that wettens the surface of the furniture after condensation.
  • Floor mats: Floor mats made up of carpets are available in the market. These floor mats are used to clean your shoes and feet before entering the house or room.
  • Carpet stool: You can make wonderful seats for your stools from old carpets. This is a wonderful recycling idea.
  • Cleaning the glass surfaces: Repurposed carpet strips can be used to clean the glass surfaces like windows, glass dining tables, computer screens, etc.
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