Classification of Carpets Based on Material

Classification of Carpets Based on Material

Classification of Carpets Based on Material

Carpets have become the ideal choices for modern homes. There are different types of carpets available in the market and each of them has different properties. This is because all the carpets are not made of the same materials. There are a lot of natural and synthetic materials available to manufacture the carpets. In this article, we will see the most popular of them. These popular carpets are easily available at almost all carpet manufacturers. But still, you have to do proper research before visiting the market. You can search on the internet by using different phrases like stair carpet manufacturers, non-woven carpet manufacturers, etc.

Woollen Carpet

Wool is one of the most common fibres used for the manufacturing of carpets. It is a natural fibre with high durability and good strength. These properties make wool an ideal choice for manufacturing the carpets. Woollen carpets are also a great choice for the people sensitive to allergies because no chemical is used in the manufacturing of woollen carpets. The most important advantage of the woollen carpets is that they are resistant to fire.

The disadvantage of woollen carpets is that they are prone to mould growth. This is because wool has the ability to absorb and retain the moisture content for longer hours. Because of these reasons, woollen carpets require regular cleaning. Also, wool is more expensive as compared to that of the synthetic fibres.

In spite of these limitations, wool is still considered as the best carpet fibre because of its sound and heat insulation properties.

Cotton Carpets

Wool is a perfect fibre for manufacturing the carpets. But is purchasing the woollen carpets in summer an ideal choice? Obviously not. The most popular and comfortable fibre for summer is cotton. Cotton has a property to resist heat, that’s why cotton fibre is considered as an ideal choice for hotter climates. Also, cotton is a strong and durable fibre. Cotton carpets are available in various colour combinations in the market. Moreover, the quick-drying property of cotton makes these carpets easy to clean.

The disadvantages of cotton carpets are that these are not resistant to fire. Also, a biological phenomenon named as degradation of cellulosic cells occurs in cotton as time passes, which leads to the browning effect in cotton carpets.

Coarse Plant Based Fibre Carpets

Wool and cotton are the most common natural fibres which are obtained from animals and plants respectively. Besides these fibres, there are also other natural fibres that are used to manufacture carpets. These fibres include jute, sisal, coir and seagrass. As the name implies, these fibres are plant-based fibres and have been in high demand for the last few years.


Polyester is one of the synthetic fibres. This fibre is also used to manufacture different types of carpets. Today, polyester has become one of the popular choices for the carpet industry. People who are in the search for cheap carpets can go with the polyester carpets. Moreover, the carpets made of polyester material are soft and have a property to repel liquids.

The limitations of polyester fibre carports include they flatten easily when things are placed on them. Also, the colour of these carpets fades over time.


Nylon is another synthetic fibre which is used to manufacture carpets. Nylon fibre is popular for its high durability and resistance against wear and tear. Moreover, the nylon fibres are also known for their capacity to hold dye well. That’s why nylon fibres are resistant to colour fade. One more plus point of nylon carpets is that these carpets are inexpensive.

Closing Words

In this article, we have read about different types of fibres (natural and synthetic) used to manufacture carpets. That’s why the different carpets have different properties. Also, not all carpet manufacturing industries manufacture all types of carpets. If you are searching for a certain type of carpet, say non-woven woollen carpet, you have to search specifically for it and you will definitely find the non-woven carpet manufacturers in your area.

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