What You Must Need to Decide Before Buying a Carpet

What You Must Need to Decide Before Buying a Carpet

What You Must Need to Decide Before Buying a Carpet

Carpet is a tremendous piece of interior decoration that simply transforms an ordinary ambience into an extraordinary one. If you are also thinking of buying carpets in the near future, then you may need to consider some parameters before going to the carpet shop. As the experienced Customised Carpet Manufacturers, we are going to share some insights with you. By following these criteria you would be able to avail the best value of your money.

Colour and Piling Style are Crucial for Carpets

Determine the basic criteria for the carpet before you hit the shops. We recommend narrowing down the choice colour and the type of pile you want. Consult some experts if you don't have much idea about them. Carpet is not just about aesthetic appeal, it’s professional cleaning on the yearly basis is highly recommended for a long-lasting lifecycle. Therefore, the right colour and suitable carpet style become crucial to avoid dirt and stains for a long time or at least between two consecutive cleanings. 

Some Important Tips on Carpet Colour

As per your requirement and application of the carpet, you should choose suitable colour and shades for the carpet. Refer the following tips regarding the colour of carpets.

Light Shade: Light colours are suitable for small rooms and spaces. Their incorporation makes your room look larger. Although, you have to be attentive regarding dirt and stains.

Dark Shade: Dark colour is good for larger areas and it also hides stain but still you have to be careful about it’s cleaning aspect to maintain its aesthetic appeal for a long time.

Mixed Shade: Carpets with lighter and darker fibres are recommended for high-traffic areas as it easily hides stain and lint. But it may not look visually attractive even when it's clean.

Also, you need to keep that in mind if you are looking for the colours choices of carpets online, then, the real colour may look a bit or significantly different than its online images.

Some Crucial Tips on Carpet Piling Style

Carpet piles may be cut or looped. Here are the crucial aspects of these carpet piles.

Loop Pile: This type of carpet has single strands of wool or nylon pulled twice through the carpet, creating a small loop-like structure. That kind of piling style gives a casual look to the carpet. Such carpets are great for high traffic areas like commercial spaces as it hides footprints in a better way.

Cut Pile: In this type of carpets, loops are cut at the top. It makes tufts of wool or nylon stand straight up. It looks more visually appealing than loop piles. It looks formal but tends to show dark and light areas. Also, it may not be good at hiding footprints and vacuum cleaning patterns. 

Combined Pile: Some carpets are made as to the combination of both cut and looped strands. That combination helps in creating textures such as squares and swirls. Such texture and pattern also make it good in hiding footprints and dirt.

Avail Carpets from Reliable Carpet Suppliers
When it comes to buying carpet from a carpet store, always prefer reliable carpet manufacturers and suppliers. Jatayu Global is one of the highly-trusted names among carpet manufacturers in Panipat. Availing carpets from Jatayu Global means investing your money is the best kind of carpet, hence availing the best value of it.

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