Professional Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Professional Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Professional Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Today, carpets have become the first choice for modern homes. Many people prefer to place carpets as floorings of their homes. The reason is that carpets add beauty to the interiors. Also, beautiful carpets put a good impression on the guests. There are many types of carpets available in the market. All the carpets are made of different materials. The materials used to make the carpets define their life span. The life span of carpets also depends on how you maintain them. In this blog, we will see the top 5 professional methods of carpet cleaning.

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Dry Compound Cleaning

This is one of the simplest methods of carpet cleaning. In this method of carpet cleaning, a powder is put on the carpet. After that, the carpet is left undisturbed for a couple of minutes. This lets the powder sit in the carpet. Now, a vacuum cleaner is used to clean the carpet. It is one of the best methods of carpet cleaning. This method is used to clean the carpets placed in high traffic areas of your home and office.

Encapsulating or Dry Foam Method

This is also another simple method of carpet cleaning in this row. In this method, a product that generates foam is used to clean the carpet. First foam is applied on the carpet. After it, the carpet is left undisturbed which lets the foam dry. Now, a vacuum cleaner is used to soak all the dried foam from the carpet. In this method, the dust particles are also soaked by the vacuum cleaner along with the foam.


This method requires the use of a machine called a bonnet. This bonnet machine has a soft cloth or a cotton pad at its bottom. Sometimes this pad is of synthetic cloth. The cleaning products are loaded in the machine. When the scrubber rotates, it pours the cleaning products on the carpets. Due to this, all the soil and dirt in the carpet is pushed out of the carpet and the carpet is cleaned.


This method is similar to the bonnet method discussed above. The difference is that here, shampoo is used as the cleaning product in the bonnet machine. Due to the application of shampoo, all the dust, dirt, and stains get out of the carpet and the bonnet machine cleans them. After the completion of the process, the carpet is vacuumed.

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